Contacts for the Future

YCEAS Alumni is a world-wide network of young researchers forming the future materials-science for a sustainable industry and more ecological society.

The relations created during the Summer Colloquiums develop friendships and successful cooperation in research projects for an exciting development of material science. The region of Bergslagen is a perfect base with an unique concentration of high technology and science in the front-line of technology. This is the meeting-point were YCEAS alumni can develop and maintain contacts with each other, the Swedish steel industry and academia. Research projects and new co-operations are formed for mutual benefit and a global high-tech network.

Every year, you as a YCEAS participant are invited to meet new and old YCEAS-friends to expand your network. You will meet the Swedish industrial R&D’s to show and discuss your new research results and progress at the High Tech Conference on Advanced Steel (HTSC).