Alumni – Research areas

YCEAS 2019

Avanish Chandan, Rodolfo da Silva Manera, Vibhor Atreya
Avanish Chandan, Rodolfo da Silva Manera, Vibhor Atreya

Name: Avanish Chandan

University: National Metallurgy Center Jamshedpur


Name: Rodolfo da Silva Manera

University: University of Birmingham


Name: Vibhor Atreya

University: TU Delft in the Netherlands


YCEAS 2018

Name: Shashank Ramesh Babu

Nationality: Indian

University: University of Oulu, Oulu

Abstracts: Modelling of auto-tempered martensite and retained-austenite during quenching

Research interest: Phase transformations in High Strength Steel


Shashank Ramesh Babu

Name: Sunati Mohanty

Nationality: Indian

University: CSIR-National Metallurgical Laboratory, Jamshedpur

Abstracts: Dewatering behaviour of fine particles in Hydrocyclone

Research interest: Mineral Processing


Sunati Mohanty

Name: Minal Shah

Nationality: Indian

University: Academy of Scientific and Innovative Research-NATIONAL METALLURGICAL LAB, Jamshedpur

Abstracts: Study on accelerating the kinetics of nanobainitic steels

Research interest: Phase transformation in steels,alloy development for high strength steels, wear resistance materials, characterization of steels, artificial neural networking in materials


Minal Shah

Name: Pooria Nazem Jalali

Nationality: Iran

University: KTH/Swerea MEFOS AB, Stockholm

Abstracts: Casting and Fluid  Simulations

Research interest: CFD of Continuous Casting Process


Pooria Nazem Jalali

Name: Biraj Kumur Sahoo

Nationality: Indian

University: Csir-National Metallurgical Lab., Jamshedpur

Abstracts: Microstructure evolution and intermetallics precipitation low density steel

Research interest: Thermo-mechanical processing of steel, Materials characterization, Texture, Alloy design, Failure analysis


Biraj Kumur Sahoo

Name: Jianling Liu

Nationality: China P.R.

University: KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm

Abstracts: Effects of Alloying Elements Additions to Fe-Cr Alloys on Nanostructure Evolution and Mechanical Properties Due to Phase Separation Aging below 700C: a review and CALPHAD

Research interest: Phase separation in stainless steels


Jianling Liu

Name: Thomas Paul Davis

Nationality: British

University: University of Oxford, Oxford

Abstracts: A Microstructural and Mechanical Investigation of Ion vs Neutron Damage in Oxide Dispersion Strengthened Steel

Research interest: Oxide Dispersion Strengthened Steel, Ferritic/martensitic structural materials for nuclear power, Radiation Material Science


Thomas Paul Davis

Name: Maxwell Micali

Nationality: United States of America

University: University of California Berkeley, Berkeley, CA

Abstracts: Adaptive Process Planning for Metal Additive Manufacturing

Research interest: Additive Manufacturing, Digital Manufacturing, Computational Materials, Optimization

Maxwell Micali

NSCAS 2017

Name: Eduardo Pineda Martinez

Nationality: Mexican

University: University of Sheffield

Abstracts: Modelling of precipitation behaviour in microalloyed steel austenite during multipass deformation

Research interest: Microalloyed steels, microstructural evolution, Phase transformations


Eduardo Pineda Martinez

Name: Xin Pan

Nationality: Chinese

University: University of Shefield

Abstracts: Development of Lean Maraging Steels for Ultra high Strength

Research interest: Microstructure, steel


Xin Pan

Name: Jose Manuel Naranja Espinosa

Nationality: Mexican

University: University of Sheffield

Abstracts: Effect of deoxidation practice on non metallic inclusions and their effect on fracture toughness of low alloy steel

Research interest: Steelmaking and Metallurgy

Poster: 2017 Jose M Naranjo Espinosa Poster

Jose Manuel Naranja Espinosa

Name: Bhushan Rakshe

Nationality: Indian

University: University of Sheffield

Abstracts: Recrystallisation Kinetics of Plain Carbon Steels Containing Dilute Nb Additions

Research interest: High Strength Mircroalloyed Steel


Bhushan Dattatray Rakshe

Name: Mustafa Seyrek

Nationality: Turkish

University: University of Sheffield

Abstracts: Fracture analysis of high strength offshore steel with corrosion damage using numerical and full-field stress-strain experimental techniques on Single-Edge Notched Tension (SENT) Specimen

Research interest: Mould Powder, extractive metallurgy, casting

Poster: 2017 Mustafa Seyrek Poster

Mustafa Seyrek

Name: Andrea Francesco Ciuffino

Nationality: Italian

University: Politecnico di Milano

Abstracts: Effect of preparatory thermal treatments on AISI F55 – UNS S32760 super duplex stainless steel properties after shot peening

Research interest: Stainless steels, Duplex stainless steels, Thermomechanical treatments

Poster: 2017 Andrea Francesco Ciuffini Poster

Andrea Francesco Ciuffion

Name: Anindya Das

Nationality: Indian

University: Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpour

Abstracts: High strain rate deformation of automobile grade steels

Research interest: 

Poster: 2017 Anindya Das Poster

Anindya Das

Name: Chunhua Tian

Nationality: Chinese

University: Max Planck Institut für Eisenforschung

Abstracts: Micromechanical investigation on the damage initiation of DP800 steel

Research interest: DP800 steel


Name: Juan Li

Nationality: Chinese

University: Max Planck Institut für Eisenforschung

Abstracts: Interaction between dislocations and twin boundary

Research interest: Mechanics


Juan Li

Name: Mamta Sharma

Nationality: Indian

University: Steel Institute (IEHK), RWTH Aachen University

Abstracts: Cradle-to-gate approach to developing Nb-microalloyed case hardening steels for heavy gear manufacturing

Research interest: Steel, Alloy design, Thermodynamic and kinetic simulations, Precipitates in metals and alloys, Electron microscopy


Mamta Sharma

Name:  Viktor Kripak

Nationality: Ukrainian

University: IEHK Steel Institute at RWTH Aachen University in Germany

Abstracts: Numerical development of the case hardening steel is based on ICME

Research interest: 


Viktor Kripak

NSCAS 2016

Name: Kezhuan Gu

Nationality: Chinese

University: Mcmaster University, Canada

Abstracts: Ginetics of Dephosphorization for Bloated Metal Droplets During Oxygen Steelmakink

Research interest: Oxygen Steelmaking

Poster: 2016 Kezhuan Gu poster

Kezhuan Gu

Name: Mengji Yao

Nationality: Chinese

University: Max-Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung GmbH

Abstracts: Precipitation and deformation of nano-sized kappa-carbides in high-Mn lightweight steels

Research interest: Steels, Al alloys, High entropy alloys


Mengji Yao

Name: Guo Lei

Nationality: Chinese

University: Department of Materials Science & Metallurgy

Abstracts: Modelling of transition from upper to lower bainite in Multi-component system

Research interest: Bainitic steel

Poster: 2016 Lei Guo Poster

Guo Lei

Name: Christian Baron

Nationality: German

University: Max-Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung GmbH, Dusseldorff

Abstracts: Design of Liquid Metallurgy In-situ Synthesized High Modulus Steels

Research interest: Liquid Metallurgy & Casting Alloy Design Steel Production


Christian Baron

Name: Tuomo Nyyssönen

Nationality: Finnish

University: Tampere University of Technology

Abstracts: Quenching and Partitioning of High-Aluminum Steels

Research interest: EBSD Phase Transformations Q&P Steels

Poster: 2016 Tuomo Nyyssönen poster

Tuomo Nyyssönen

Name: Abhinav Varshney

Nationality: Indian

University: Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpour

Abstracts: Development and Deformation Behaviour of Multiphase Steels with Superior Mechanical Properties

Research interest: Physical Metallurgy of Steels, Strain Induced Tranformation, Deformation Behavior of Multiphase Steels

Poster: 2016 Abhinav Varshney poster

Abhinav Varshney

Name: Kamesh Sandeep Kumar Telkicherla

Nationality: Indian

University: Luleå University of Technology

Abstracts: Investigating the Physico-Chemical Mechanisms during Induration of Magnetite Pellets

Research interest: Agglomeration, Kinetics, Metallurgy

Poster: 2016 Kamesh Sandeep Kumar Telkicherla poster

Kamesh Sandeep Kumar Telkicherla

Name: Rajinikanth Veerappan

Nationality: Indian

University: Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpour

Abstracts: Development of Acicular Ferrite/Bainitic Microstructures in Pipeline grade Microalloyed Steel

Research interest: Thermo Mechanical Processing, Electron Microscopy

Poster: 2016 Rajinikanth Veerappan poster

Rajinikanth Veerappan

NSCAS 2015

Name: Monatadhar Al-moussawi

Nationality: Iraqi

University: Sheffield Hallam University/MERI, UK

Abstracts: Friction Stir Welding of Steel

Research interest: Material Engineering, Steel manufacturing and Stress Analysis

Name: Anna-Maija Arola

Nationality: Finnish

University: University of Oulu, Finland

Abstracts: FE-modelling of Bendability of Ultra-High Strength Steel

Research interest: Material modeling, forming, materials characterization.

Name: Jessica Gyhlesten Back

Nationality: Swedish

University: Dalarna University, Sweden

Abstracts: Finite Element Simulation of Residual Stresses and Residual Deformation in Hardened Martensitic Steel Sheet

Research interest: Hardening processes, material modelling, simulation of hardening.

Name: Raul Francisco Chinchilla Adell

Nationality: Spanish

University: University of Warwick, UK

Abstracts: Evaluation of Surface Treatments and Coatings for High Temperature Tribological Applications

Research interest: Materials used in the aerospace and automobile industry. Tribology. Steels.

Name: Oskari Haiko

Nationality: Finnish

University: University of Oulu, Finland

Abstracts: The Effect of Microstructure on the Wear of Steels

Research interest: Wear-resistant steels, metallurgy, advanced steels, ultra-high strength steels, steel processing and heat treatments.

Name: Tuomas Jokiaho

Nationality: Finnish

University: Tampere University of Technology, Finland

Abstracts: Optimisation of Thermal Cutting Procedures of Heavy Steel Plates in Demanding Applications

Research interest: Thermal cutting of thick wear-resistant steel plates. Characterization and residual stress measurements of the cut edge.

Name: Henri Järvinen

Nationality: Finnish

University: Tampere University of Technology, Finland

Abstracts: Hot Dip Galvanized Press Hardening Steels

Research interest: Heat treatments, automotive steels, high strength steels, coatings, scanning electron microscopy, EBSD (Electron Back Scattered Diffraction) methods, mechanical testing, high strain rate testing.

Name: Mia Liimatainen

Nationality: Finnish

University: University of Oulu, Finland

Abstracts: Bendability of Ultra-High Strength Steels

Research interest: Formability of structural and wear resistant high strength steels (YS>700 MPa). Effects of microstructure homogeneity, surface hardness, texture, austenite morphology and dislocation density on formability. Influence of various manufacturing methods (e.g. DQ, DQ+T, conventional quenching) and chemical composition on microstructure and bendability.

Name: Niko Ojala

Nationality: Finnish

University: Tampere University of Technology, Finland

Abstracts: Application oriented wear testing of wear resistant steels in mining industry

Research interest: Real industrial applications, application oriented wear testing, surface characterization.