Day 1

Start-up in Borlänge with a welcome, information and presentation of all participants. The students presented themselves and their research projects. The PhD- students were asked to write a short report about their reflections as feedback by the end of the colloquium.
Participants: PhD Students, JS, LI, JA

After lunch the first visit of the week, at SSAB Borlänge with an introduction and company presentation by Lars Troive, Senior Forming Specialist and R&D and strategies by Eva Pétursson, VP, and head of Strategic R&D. Very inspiring and informative, however took too long time compared to the planned schedule which left a very limited time for the PhD-students to show and discuss their posters, presented on the walls, before the guided tour through the plant. Two of the PhD- students gave presentations of their work.
Since this was the first company visit, there were some learnings of practical nature. I.e. how to place and display posters, time for toilet visits, etc. SSAB representatives were very positive to the event and are looking forward to the continuation of the Colloquium.
Participants: PhD-Students, five persons from SSAB, JS, LI
During the plant visit we saw the continuous annealing line and hot rolling mill, much appreciated by the students.

Evening: Dinner and visit to the Framtidsmuséet Science Center were a social actitvity was arranged to give an opportunity to get to know each other. An appreciated and fun Lego Robot contest took place. One of the highlights of the week, according to the students.

Day 2

Morning: Visit at Sandvik Materials Technology, Sandviken.
Excellent reception and presentation of Sandvik by Jesper Ederth, Manager, Strategic Research and Pasi Kangas, VP and head of R&D. The situation and challenges for the company were well described.
Three PhD-students made presentations of their work. A very good discussions between Sandvik employees and each of the PhD-students took place at final poster session generating questions and contacts. There was valuable and encouraging feedback from Sandvik representatives regarding the Colloquium. No works visit or lab tour due to the restricted time schedule.
Participants: Students, about 15-20 Sandvik employees (R&D), JA, JS, LI

Local Radio interview of JA and two students, on direct air.

Afternoon: Visit at Ovako, Hofors. Lunch kindly hosted by Ovako. Company presentation by Simon Lille, Production Manager, Steel Mill Bar. Case studies presented by Ovako representatives.
Three PhD – student presentations.
Well spent time with poster sessions and discussions between students and Ovako representatives.
No plant visit or laboratory tour. Good feedback from Simon Lille, who was looking forward to a continuation of NSCAS.
Participants: Students, about 8-10 representatives from Ovako, JA, JS, LI.

Evening: Free time for the students in Borlänge. The PhD-students invited Triple Steelix representatives to participate at a common dinner. LI accepted and it was a good occasion to further discussions and reflexions.

Day 3

Morning: Lecture on tribology at the University of Dalarna, (Högskolan Dalarna, HDa). Excellent seminar by professor Mikael Olsson on Applications for Machining and Rock Drilling. Much appreciated by the students with several detailed discussions and contacts between the students and the professor. Further contacts agreed for future cooperation. Visit to HDa tribology and metallurgical laboratories.

Participants: Students, JS (partly), LI (partly).

Afternoon: Lunch by Triple Steelix and then lecture on dislocations and material properties modelling by professor Göran Engberg. Good presentation but a bit too condensed with a summary of most differential equations used to describe deformation phenomenae related to material properties. Heavy work load for brains after lunch.
Participants: Students, JS (partly), LI (partly).

Visit to Falu Copper mine, Falun. (UNESCO World Heritage site). Historical perspective of the metals and mining activities in the region.
Participants: Students, JS, LI.

Dinner at Främby Udde, Falun, hosted by Triple Steelix. Fantastic evening to make friends and for the PhD-students to see some of the surroundings. Well appreciated by the students.

Day 4

Morning: Visit at Outokumpu Stainless in Avesta starting with a company presentation by Erik Schedin, Head of R&D, followed by case studies from different views, marketing, product development and technical support by three Avesta R&D specialists. The presentation by Outokumpu’s Ravi Vishnu was one of the highlights of the week, according to the evaluation.

Short time for three PhD- student presentations and a common poster session discussions. Three PhD- students were diverted for detailed personal discussions about their research work with Avesta employees instead of poster sessions. Very good initiative that could be further exploited in coming programmes. Visit to R&D labs.
Participants: Five to eight Outokumpu representatives, PhD- students, JS, ED, LI.

Afternoon: Visit to SECO Tools, Fagersta. Lunch kindly hosted by SECO. Good description of company background, challenges and strategies by Mikael Fallqvist, Research Scientist. Presentation of SECO cases, and three student presentations. Well prepared time for poster sessions and individual discussions.
Guided visit to the Technical Center with demo of state of the art steel machining and visits to different laboratories.
The visit to SECO Tools was rounded up with an exercise (group work) to discuss working conditions in Sweden and at SECO. Very good initiative where students could ask questions and obtain information on a more personal level with SECO employees. Excellent PR for SECO and much appreciated by the PhD-students.
Participants: About ten SECO representatives, PhD-students, JS, ED, LI


Day 5

Morning: Final seminar with evaluation and summary. Individual reflexions and brain storming, led by ED. Reflexions and feedback summoned up in individual questionnaires and common mind-maps. List of positive experiences, highlights, improvement, suggestions and ideas for continuation assembled.
Lunch at the Framtidsmuséet Science Center hosted by Triple Steelix.

Afternoon: Final meeting at Jernkontoret Stockholm, presentation by Rachel Pettersson. Issuing of diplomas and group photo.
Short walk in crowded Stockholm (due to Culture Festival). A fantastic summer evening ending in an anticlimax by a bad event when returning to parked mini-bus: Windows were broken and five students lost belongings like mobile phones, lap tops, wallet, passports, etc. It took a while to resolve the situation and get all PhD-students to their hostel, late at night.