Bilden tillhör Jernkontoret

With more than 270 years in the service of the Swedish steel industry the institution of Jernkontoret has striven to safeguard the steel industry’s interests through working for the best possible preconditions for operations throughout Sweden

In the first half of the 18th century, Sweden was the largest iron exporter in the world. By the end of the 1730’s the export of iron accounted for three-quarters of the total value of Swedish exports. On the 29th December 1747, King Fredrik I gave his sanction to Jernkontoret by way of a royal decree.

The vision of Swedish steel
Jernkontoret history

Swedish Steel Industry

The Swedish Steel Industry’s vision 2050 implies three undertakings:

  • We lead technical development Our research and innovation revolutionise technology for tomorrow’s society. Our steel constantly challenges the frontiers of engineering.
  • We nurture creative individuals Our working environment fosters new solutions for communities through global collaboration. Our creativity constantly challenges the limits of contemporary thinking.
  • We create environmental benefits Our production uses resources so efficiently that only products of value to the community leave our plants. Our ambition constantly challenges the limits of the possible.